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It is a mid-term ambition and a milestone towards the achievement of AIESEC’s mission of Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential. We wanted to create a mid-term ambition that shows us a clear strategic direction with measurable progress, challenges AIESEC, refreshes the ambition and excitement in the organization, and aligns what we do with the worlds needs.


AIESEC 2020 Ambition: The Statements which answer what we want AIESEC to become by 2020.

AIESEC 2020 Strategy: A roadmap that tell us how to get there, including the strategies, strategy blocks and projects per strategy for every year towards 2020, as well as a whole new roadmap planning and implementation logic.

AIESEC 2020 Goal Setting: Clarity on the goal setting logic and redefined measure of success for the organizations so we understand if we're being successful, know our targets and can measure our impact.

Whether you are a new member, a TL, a VP or an LCP, everyone has a role to play in 2020. After-all, In order to be a Youth Leadership Movement we will need every single member of AIESEC in Canada to understand the roadmap, and play an active role in achieving 2020. To find out what 2020 means for AIESEC in Canada click here