Welcome to Fish Peak!


What is all this about fishing?

For the longest time we have been calling the period of operations happening after summer school break "Winter Peak" however this has been very, very, VERY wrong. 

Why you ask? Well:

1- We are an international organization, and it's only winter in half of the world.

2- Winter doesn't actually start until December 21st

Fishing for EPs...

Fishing for EPs...

So why Fish Peak? The term Fish Peak began to be applied to the period of operations happening roughly from August to December in the understanding that during those months it's harder for people to go on exchange, requiring more preparation and effort from our side, in contrast to "Fruit Peak" (January-July) where exchange is easier to do, almost as picking ripe fruit from a loaded tree.


Fishing Tools!

Is it impossible to do exchange in fish peak then? 

Repeat after me: NO.


However, operations in fish peak do need a deeper level of preparation and work, which is why we created this landing page, where you will be able to find all resources you will need in order to go fishing successfully as well as any updates regarding Fish Peak in general.

Make sure you look over the following resources to make sure you are training the best fishermen, you are fishing in the right ponds, and you are fishing for the right type of fish: