Coaching for LCPs & VPs

Coaching Model in AIESEC Canada

The coaching model in AIESEC Canada is used by MC and NST coaches for LCPs & VPs. There are three parts to this model: coach, consultant, & colleague. While we use this to coach our EB members, LCPs should also start adopting this model when coaching VPs and members 1:1. 


The "consultant" stage is used to analyze the gap between the LC's current results and their year goals. From there, the coach should use the LC Development steps and consulting questions to help their coachee erase the operational bottlenecks in the way. The coach should have the Teacher's Cheat Sheet on hand during every call is 


The "coach" stage upholds the principle that behind every operational bottleneck, there is a way we could better mobilize our people to move through it. Coaches should use people management concepts and ask their coachees questions to push them to improve how they are managing & leading their teams.


Last, the "colleague" stage of the coaching call involves the coach asking the LCP or VP feedback on current initiatives happening in the organization. This step views both parties as equals steering progress in the organization. The coach should ask about specific changes & elements of service delivery (e.g. training, campaigns, conferences) and should ask questions directed at where they want feedback.