Summer Re-Planning Ideas

How Do I Run Operations in the Summer?

Let's face it. The image on the left represents almost every LCP during summer. 

How can we avoid feeling this way? By following these three steps: 

1. Having a different structure for a different team & talent capacity

2. Having a different plan for a different semester

3. Having a different way of running operations in a different peak time

Summer is different and that's okay! We just need the tools to approach this semester a little differently. 

1. A different structure for a different team & capacity

Option A: Running one or more programs based off of previous exchange performance. This option (shown on the right) involves even allocation between iGT & OGX and should be implemented if your LC has the capacity to run 2 programs over summer. 

Option B: Focusing based on timeline; this option should be implemented if you only have enough talent to run 1 program in the summer.  

20+ Approves (1).png

Option B is applicable if: It should be implemented if a) you achieved strong results in OGX for Summer Peak and you need to focus solely on iGT for the summer o b) if you are projected to become a Specialized Unit, at which point oGV should be the one focus over summer.

2. A different plan for a different semester

Check out the guides below for how to lead a re-planning for an LC and how to align your operations and teams!

3. A different way of running operations for a different peak

Look into the physical marketing guides below for universities that will help tailor your activities for summer!

Have any GCPs from your summer operations? Submit in the comments below!