Team Management & Accountability

How do I Hold a Team Accountable in My Touch-Points? 

Once you have a team that is bought into a vision and that is equipped with the skills they need to get the job done, nothing will happen if there is not a consistent cadence of accountability. 

In what touch-points do these happen? Here three tips on how to hold effective touch-points to enforce accountability in your team!

Step 1: Know the Basics of Running a Great Meeting

Small things make all the difference in the way you run a meeting. Watch the video to learn how you can make your meetings on point!

Step 2: Learn to Use a Hammer Tracker

What gets tracked gets done! Hammer Trackers should answer the following questions about your team: 

  1. Do the priorities of each individual help get them closer to their targets? 
  2. Is each team committing what's required to get their priorities done? 
  3. Do the priorities of each team align with each other to work towards a common goal? 
  4. Does the team understand the bottlenecks in their processes? 


The purpose of the monthly review versus a regular weekly meeting with a Hammer Tracker is to have a bigger pool of data (qualitative and quantitative) to examine that will tell your team whether or not they need to shift gears in their strategy. 

While after one week you may have a gap between your goals and actuals, a strategy may take more than one week to take into effect - so a monthly review is a great way to analyze over a longer period of time whether or not the team needs to try something new. 

A monthly review has an updates section for each role and should cover: 

  • Goals versus actuals
  • Key milestones by the VP/portfolio for that month
  • Things to improve on
  • Strategic questions for the rest of the team to give input

Do you have any other tips on encouraging accountability within teams? Post your tips and good case practices in the comments below!