CX Challenge: Who Was Certified?

At NLDC 2017 in Vancouver, Customer Experience (CX) certifications were awarded to the Local Committees who successfully completed the challenge.

Eight LCs received a global certification, by taking part in the challenge ran by AIESEC International.

Five LCs received a national certification, by taking part in the Canadian version of the same challenge.

CX Challenge (1).png

Congratulations to all of our certified LCs, who are now eligible for LC awards at the end of the year! Want to see your LC on there too? The next round of the Canadian CX Challenge will open in a few days! Be on the lookout!


The Customer Experience Challenge is a 5- to 8-week challenge during which LCs must complete a series of tasks related to Value Delivery for our customers. The tasks to complete are all things that LCs need to be doing already, but the challenge aims to socialize and train LCs on their delivery in a competitive and time-sensitive manner.


Very soon, an entity's success will no longer be measured on its number of realized exchanges, but instead on its number of completed experiences with exchange standards delivered. This means that EPs who do not get to complete their exchange and/or do not receive all 16 standards will not count towards the entity's performance numbers.