This month there are over 200,000 Canadian students graduating from universities all across the country. You might actually be one of them (YASSSS!!! Look at you slaying the game!). Whilst celebration is in the air, a daunting statistic lingers behind all the excitement and that statistic is 13%. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 9.54.53 AM.png

13% Youth Unemployment.

According to the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) around 30,000 of those graduates that will be throwing their caps into the air will be stuck in low income jobs, or unable to secure full-time work related to their field for the next months to come. Yikes! That number may not mean much to you if you're not graduating so here's one that might: 56. 

56 Applicants in June

In the month of June we have only had 56 applicants for both GE/GT. Compared to the literal thousands of students who are looking for opportunities that number screams potential! As AIESECers we don't get demotivated by the brutal facts, we get fired up because we can do something about it! So roll up your sleeves oGE/GT Army it's time to match some eager young graduates to opportunities that could kick-start their career. Here are three things you can do this week to attract more grad students. 


1. Find out where they are


It's a known fact that graduating student typically don't like to hang around campus when they are about to collect that degree. So typical booth-ing won't work! Most career services on campus would be thrilled to find out about an organization that can provide their students with opportunities after graduation. So...make a list of all the influential career services/opportunity sourcing groups on campus and include them in your next opportunities mailer. Additionally don't forget  salesforce has all the information of leads who have registered on our website within the last 4 years who are graduating this season. 


2. Use the Internet

So now that we have established that grads are no where to be found on campus, you must be flexible with where you are willing to meet them for consultations. Meeting in person is so 2016! Offering your customers the opportunity to have a skype/google hangouts for consultation will give them the freedom to learn more about AIESEC from the comfort of their bedroom. 


3. & Finally Market Opportunities that actually exist. 

Rather than selling the obscure internships that only exist in your dreams, why not promote opportunities that actually...exist? Check out the entity search tools here and be sure to include them in your next EP opportunity mailer.  BTW China still has 300 summer opportunities open, check them out here


It's Graduation Season Baby, so let's get to work!