Where can I find results from the AIESECer Survey?


The AIESECer Survey is sent out by AIESEC International every quarter. Every member is invited to fill out, so that we may get a better understanding of our membership's reality and needs.


After every survey, a report is written based on the Canadian data from it. It paints a picture of the Canadian mindset and ambitions within AIESEC.

Read the most recent report, and base your member management strategies on what you see in there!

Engaging Virtual Teams

Are you working with a virtual team? Are you scared that the team will get disengaged early, and not accomplish what you set out to achieve?

This challenge commonly occurs in summer, but regardless of when you face that struggle, worry not: here is a resource to help you prepare!

At NLDC 2017, a session about managing virtual summer teams was delivered. The slides are found below. 

Good luck!

Delivering Intermediate Training

All of your new members are onboarded and trained, but you want them to keep learning throughout their experience? You're in the right place!


Immediate training is what members need to learn right away, in order to be able to do their job. Intermediate training, on the other hand, is not as urgent and can be delivered later, but is still relevant towards making members better and faster at their job, or getting them closer to reaching their personal development goals!


Here are some steps to help you figure it out!

1. Look at their LDA & personal goals!

Your members should have taken the LDA, and then filled out an Individual Development Plan, or set personal development goals at the beginning of their new role.  Their scores for each Leadership Quality and their goals should provide you with enough information to start mapping out what they want or need to learn.

2. Take a look at the member education cycles

These education cycles outline what a member need to learn in order to perform in their function. Identify the topics you have not covered with them yet, or the touch points that your members may want or need to attend.

3. Ask them!

When in doubt... ask them what they feel that they are missing, what they want to learn. Use your one-on-one conversations with them to get their input regarding their learning journey!

4. Create/coordinate the content/event.

Once you have identified the content of intermediate training for your team, create the content or invite an expert to come and deliver it for you. 

To learn how to properly create and deliver content, attend a Train the Trainers seminar near you! Reach out to your MCVP LCD, alvarv@aiesec.ca for details of the next TtTs happening.

Facilitating LEAD for members

Our members facilitate their leadership by facilitating exchange, but their inner journey also needs to be facilitated, so as to ensure that they proactively work to develop themselves.

Here are the steps to follow to make that happen:

1. Make them take the LDA

First, the member must assess how much of the LDM's Leadership Qualities they already have. This should be done at the beginning of every new role.

LDM_Artboard 25.png

2. Facilitate a goal setting space

Then, once the assessment is done, the member should set personal development goals for their experience. What do they want to develop, and how will they do that within their Job Description in AIESEC? The Individual Development Plan (IDP) provides a good idea of the flow for goal setting.

3. Facilitate LEAD spaces with them

Finally, LEAD spaces should be facilitated with the member on a regular basis, at the different stages of the experience. Every touch point aims to reflect on the progress so far, and provide tools to continue actively developing oneself during the experience.

The slides from the "Running LEAD" session at NLDC 2017 explain the process of creating LEAD content step by step. 

The LEAD facilitation guide below explains every space in detail, including when it is relevant and how to facilitate it. 

These resources are focused on LEAD for EPs and trainees, but remain relevant for members.

Managing Rewards & Recognition

Looking into building a rewards & recognition strategy for your LC? Trying to improve your existing campaign? 

What is Rewards & Recognition?

R&R encompasses any strategy, system or space designed to recognize effort or reward success in a team or organization.

How do I do it?

First of all, choose the type of campaign or system you want or need. To help you identify the different types, and choose the one that works best for you, refer to this guide:

Then, if you are looking into building a full-fledged campaign for the semester, refer to this framework for building an LC campaign, based on how we do it at the national level!

For the recording of the webinar associated to this framework, click this link: 


Where can I find Team Standards Reports?

You want to know how AIESEC in Canada has been doing in terms of Team Standards delivery? Take a look at our previous Team Standards reports!

After every survey, the responses from your LC are forwarded to your VP TM and LCP, along with some recommendations regarding next steps and areas of improvement.

If you need help with your people analytics strategy, reach out to your LC's TM NST consultant!

Tracking Team Standards

You want to know how well your LC is delivering team standards? 

Well, good news: a monthly survey is sent out, for Team Leaders to evaluate their delivery of the standards. The responses from your LC are then forwarded to your VP TM and LCP. For more details on how to track that data and how to act on it, refer to this guide:

Summer 2017 timeline for Team Standards Surveys.

Summer 2017 timeline for Team Standards Surveys.

Delivering Team Standards

Are you leading a team of at least 2 people for a duration of at least 5 weeks? If so, then Team Standards are your concern!

Every team leader must deliver those standards to their team.

To learn how to deliver each standard really well, refer to the following checklist and guide, which detail each standard for you, and link you to other useful resources for each item!