Facilitating LEAD for members

Our members facilitate their leadership by facilitating exchange, but their inner journey also needs to be facilitated, so as to ensure that they proactively work to develop themselves.

Here are the steps to follow to make that happen:

1. Make them take the LDA

First, the member must assess how much of the LDM's Leadership Qualities they already have. This should be done at the beginning of every new role.

LDM_Artboard 25.png

2. Facilitate a goal setting space

Then, once the assessment is done, the member should set personal development goals for their experience. What do they want to develop, and how will they do that within their Job Description in AIESEC? The Individual Development Plan (IDP) provides a good idea of the flow for goal setting.

3. Facilitate LEAD spaces with them

Finally, LEAD spaces should be facilitated with the member on a regular basis, at the different stages of the experience. Every touch point aims to reflect on the progress so far, and provide tools to continue actively developing oneself during the experience.

The slides from the "Running LEAD" session at NLDC 2017 explain the process of creating LEAD content step by step. 

The LEAD facilitation guide below explains every space in detail, including when it is relevant and how to facilitate it. 

These resources are focused on LEAD for EPs and trainees, but remain relevant for members.