Matching for iGT

The following guide is meant to take you through the steps of matching from putting your opportunity on the portal to finalizing your match on Salesforce and EXPA.

First things first, let's take a look at the Customer Flow again. Today we'll be looking at the "TN Raised" column...

A lot of what happens in iGT actually happens after the sale. We constantly work to standardize and automize the Attraction and Consideration aspect of our Customer Flow to ensure we are putting as much energy into Value Delivery as possible.

In the Matching phase under Consideration, we work to standardize our timeline and processes so that both enablers and customers have a simple, uncomplicated experience with AIESEC Canada.

We do this through three things: a 1-month raise to match timeline, a focused entity partner model, and standardized response rate to every applicant.


step 1: Upload opportunity on salesforce and expa

This is where you'll need to post your opportunity for EPs to find on the other side of the world.


step 2: ensure you are aligning to the opportunity posting guidelines

This is important for ensuring there is standardization for EPs when they are looking at Opportunities Portal. Opportunities will not be opened if they don't match these criteria.


step 3: promote your opportunity

Your opportunity will be automatically promoted to all Entity Partners by the MCVP iGT but you should be also promoting to EPs worldwide. Take a look at the LC2LC guide which goes over ideas for emails, Facebook promotion, etc.


Step 4: Shortlist your candidates

After about a week or two of receiving candidates, you should start shortlisting for the first round. Ensure you have a set timeline with the companies and candidates so no one is confused.


step 5: first round interviews

Your first round of interviews with the candidates should just be with the Account Manager. This interview's objective is to eliminate any glaring things like language, education, etc. and get an idea for their motivation in coming to Canada.


step 6: company interviews

Your second round of interviews will be with the company. A tip for success is to always book the interviews for them for ease and speed during this week.


step 7: Select candidate

Make sure you set a deadline for the company to tell you which candidate they like. If they still don't like anyone, re-promote the opp and try and target specific entities. Here you'll also finalize the paper work.


step 8: Match Tn on salesforce and expa

You're done! Now you can upload everything on Salesforce and EXPA and move on to visa processing.