Visa Processing for iGT

So you've matched your TN! Congratulations, you are now on to the visa processing part of your TN. 

The Visa Process Flow.

The Visa Process Flow.

To start, remember that the visa process can be confusing and difficult to understand for both the company and intern. Make sure you familiarize yourself with all the guides on the hub so that you can become an expert on the visa process. The key to being a good Opportunity Manager? Keep calm and tackle issues as quickly as possible.


Beginning the Visa Process

The first thing that will happen after your match is officiated on Salesforce is your EP will receive a guide from the MCVP iGT. Make sure the email you put as EP Email is accurate so that the guide is received by the EP in a prompt manner.


step 1: submit ita information

After you've secured the match, the first thing you have to do is send in ITA information to the MCVP iGT. This is used to submit to the government and secure your intern an invitation to the pool.

ITA information is sent in to IEC every Wednesday morning. Your intern can expect their invitation the following Wednesday.

step 2: ep receives ita and ro letter

By the following Wednesday your intern should have received their invitation and the RO Letter (from the MCVP iGT). Once they receive the ITA they have 20 days to submit their application. The documents they are required vary depending on the country, but you can find a full list in the guide they receive when they are matched on Salesforce.

step 3: company fills in the employer portal

Before your intern completes their visa application, they will need the Company to finish their end of the portal. From this portal, they will receive the Offer of Employment Numbers (found in the Offer of Employment Queue) and the NOC number which the intern will submit as part of their application. The $230 paid to the government during this process is not covered by AIESEC Canada.

step 4: ep completes the application

After the EP submits the application, they will now wait for their work permit to be processed. Let them know they should keep an eye on any requests from the government through their portal. Every country has a slightly different processing time, so make sure you understand the visa processing for each country. IEC Partner countries will never exceed 8 weeks.

step 5: ep receives work permit

Once the EP has received their work permit they can book their flight ticket! Keep in mind, some countries require the EP send their passport to retrieve their work permit instead of upon entry.

Problems with your work permit application? Submit an enquiry or call an embassy in the EP's country.


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