Customer Flow for iGT

Welcome to the Customer Flow for Enablers! Where you can discover all you need to know about how we take an enabler from stranger to customer to brand advocate. 

Overall our mission in iGT is to create such great experiences that every Enabler and Youth that go through our program become promoters. We do this by automizing our Attraction and Consideration and investing resources and effort into Value Delivery and Brand Advocacy.

The graph below shows how we currently invest the most effort in Attraction and Consideration. Think about how long it takes us to raise a TN, how many times we have to reopen opportunities because we can't find the right person. And what happens after we match a TN? Our effort tends to drop off and stagnate and Value Deliver is forgotten completely and experiences become mediocre or even sub-par.

What we want however is the opposite. Because leadership is developed during the actual internship, we need to start investing for effort and resources into that half of the customer flow. How do we do that? By automizing and standardizing Attraction and Consideration so less manpower has to be invested in it.

Some strategies that help this:

  • B2B Marketing and Attraction for Company Opportunity Portal
  • 1-month Raise to Match Timeline
  • Entity Partner Model
  • Lead Nurturing for Enablers and Applicants

Want to know more about each part of the customer flow? Don't worry there's a guide for each!

Attraction Resources.

Find the Google Drive folder here.

Consideration Resources.

Find the Google Drive folder here.

Value Delivery Resources.

Find the Google Drive folder here.

Brand Advocacy Resources.

Find the Google Drive folder here.