LCP Governance

Governance 101: How Many Can You Get Right?

Legislation and governance within the national plenary is an important part of being LCP. Read the quiz below to see which parts of our governance you need to freshen up on!

1. How are officers hired into the organization?

2. How do we amend the bylaws?

1. What are the due dates for motions and legislation packages? 

2. What is a motion to put, point of information, and general discussion?

3. What is the difference between a mandate and a motion? 

1. What is the difference between a session and a period, why is it important?

2. What are the three outcomes when an LC's membership is under review?

3. When are appeals due? 

4. How many elements of Standard 6 must be fulfilled for the whole Standard to pass? 

5. How many exemptions are there for Standard 3?

1. What are the stages that an Expansion must go through before becoming an LC?

2. At which stage can an Expansion start facilitating exchange?