Brand Advocacy for B2C


With the customer finishing their exchange experience, this phase focuses on leveraging the EPs insights and turning them into a promoter. As someone who has lived through the product, it's important to gather feedback to improve the product and servicing, and have this EP promote on behalf to their network in order to expand AIESEC's reach to get more youth to go abroad on exchange and develop their leadership. 

On the local level, the effort is focused on timely and effective follow up with the returned EP. In order to be recognized as completed, the EP must report on the standards that were fulfilled on their exchange and complete an NPS survey to provide quantitative and qualitative feedback about their experience. Inviting a reintegration seminar is crucial to turn EPs into valuable assets inside and outside of AIESEC. These EPs can be reintegrated as IXP members or they can be equipped with the tools to promote their exchange even if they don't join. If Brand Advocacy is done run, there should be growth in exchange every year as more and more people are exposed to and knowledgeable about AIESEC exchange experiences.

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