Welcome to the Customer Flow for B2C. Regardless of which program (Global Volunteer, Global Entrepreneur, or Global Talent) a young person participates in, they will all go through similar steps in the customer flow.  There are minor differences in the details of the program (value proposition, length, etc.) but you can learn more about that in the individual product hubs.


The goal in B2C is to facilitate as many great exchange experiences as possible for youth, because the more exchanges done, the more young leaders there are in the world that are developed, which all contribute to the mission of AIESEC as an organization. This is accomplished by streamlining the sales portion of the flow (Attraction, Consideration) in order to invest more effort into customer servicing (Value Delivery, Brand Advocacy). Right now, a lot of effort is put into convincing someone to go abroad and finding them their "perfect" opportunity. In actuality, more effort and time needs to go towards making sure the exchange experience, the part of the flow where leadership development happens, in order to fulfill our promise to the customers.

An important thing to remember is that the customer flow isn't linear but cyclical. 

All the phases are connected: Attraction sets the expectation to help Consideration move along. These expectations influence how well Value Delivery happens, with good experiences creating promoters in Brand Advocacy. The output of Brand Advocacy should be used to help improve Attraction, and the cycle continues. With every loop or iteration of the flow, there should be constant feedback and improvement. If we're not getting better at doing exchange and executing each phase, then we're not growing as an organization.

For each of the stages, here is what it would look like for each product until approved:


Below you will find resources for the different customer flow stages for the Outgoing Exchange products that best optimize the flow. Click on the buttons to access resources and learn more about what happens in each of these stages.


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