Consideration for B2C

Once interest is generated and there are a pool of leads to manage, this is where the lead nurturing and closing skills are key. In Consideration, the goal is to work with the leads to figure out the best opportunity for them. This means really understanding their goals, skill set and background, and using this information to recommend suitable opportunities for them to apply to, interview for, and ultimately get approved for exchange. 

On the local level, consistent and timely follow ups are critical to maintain customer engagement. Leads Calling, Consultations, Information Sessions/EPICs/Match Manias are various touch points that can help move a customer along. Always remember to have a clear call to action after each touch point so the customer knows what the next steps are. This process is meant to be quick: the time from their first touch point to getting approved should last two weeks for Global Volunteer participants, three weeks for Global Talent participants, and somewhere in between for Global Entrepreneur participants. Once someone is paid and approved, the youth is considered an Exchange Participant, and the true value of the product can be delivered to the customer.

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