Digital Marketing Multitool

In our efforts to become available to everyone everywhere, it's important that we optimize our processes to  become more digitalized. But at the same  time, it's crucial that we stay customer centric by centralizing our digital touch points so that we're easy to contact, to understand, and to engage with. This page will be an ever-growing list of how-to's and resources  you can use to capitalize on today's  world of digital marketing to supplement your physical marketing locally. 


How to use National facebook for local operations

An 8 min video to give you an in depth look at how to use the Facebook page after the merge. We break it down into 5 points.

4. Analytics
5. LC Engagement

1. Local Events
2. Local Posts
3. Ads

Who is your LC's NST Responsible?

(Until further notice, send an email to Madison Heginbotham with the subject "FB Post Request DD/MM" or "FB Event Request DD/MM" with the day and month that you would like your post or event to go out.

Blue Book image.png

Use the blue book

If it doesn't follow global branding guidelines and messaging, we will not be using it for our digital platforms. A brand identity is something everyone in AIESEC should take seriously, and therefore everyone should be familiar with the branding guides

Coming soon... 

Coming soon here will be where you can go to download our monthly digital marketing reports so you can keep up with the overview of what's happening on our platforms!