Matching for iGT

The following guide is meant to take you through the steps of matching from putting your opportunity on the portal to finalizing your match on Salesforce and EXPA.

First things first, let's take a look at the Customer Flow again. Today we'll be looking at the "TN Raised" column...

A lot of what happens in iGT actually happens after the sale. We constantly work to standardize and automize the Attraction and Consideration aspect of our Customer Flow to ensure we are putting as much energy into Value Delivery as possible.

In the Matching phase under Consideration, we work to standardize our timeline and processes so that both enablers and customers have a simple, uncomplicated experience with AIESEC Canada.

We do this through three things: a 1-month raise to match timeline, a focused entity partner model, and standardized response rate to every applicant.


step 1: Upload opportunity on salesforce and expa

This is where you'll need to post your opportunity for EPs to find on the other side of the world.


step 2: ensure you are aligning to the opportunity posting guidelines

This is important for ensuring there is standardization for EPs when they are looking at Opportunities Portal. Opportunities will not be opened if they don't match these criteria.


step 3: promote your opportunity

Your opportunity will be automatically promoted to all Entity Partners by the MCVP iGT but you should be also promoting to EPs worldwide. Take a look at the LC2LC guide which goes over ideas for emails, Facebook promotion, etc.


Step 4: Shortlist your candidates

After about a week or two of receiving candidates, you should start shortlisting for the first round. Ensure you have a set timeline with the companies and candidates so no one is confused.


step 5: first round interviews

Your first round of interviews with the candidates should just be with the Account Manager. This interview's objective is to eliminate any glaring things like language, education, etc. and get an idea for their motivation in coming to Canada.


step 6: company interviews

Your second round of interviews will be with the company. A tip for success is to always book the interviews for them for ease and speed during this week.


step 7: Select candidate

Make sure you set a deadline for the company to tell you which candidate they like. If they still don't like anyone, re-promote the opp and try and target specific entities. Here you'll also finalize the paper work.


step 8: Match Tn on salesforce and expa

You're done! Now you can upload everything on Salesforce and EXPA and move on to visa processing.

Visa Processing for iGT

So you've matched your TN! Congratulations, you are now on to the visa processing part of your TN. 

The Visa Process Flow.

The Visa Process Flow.

To start, remember that the visa process can be confusing and difficult to understand for both the company and intern. Make sure you familiarize yourself with all the guides on the hub so that you can become an expert on the visa process. The key to being a good Opportunity Manager? Keep calm and tackle issues as quickly as possible.


Beginning the Visa Process

The first thing that will happen after your match is officiated on Salesforce is your EP will receive a guide from the MCVP iGT. Make sure the email you put as EP Email is accurate so that the guide is received by the EP in a prompt manner.


step 1: submit ita information

After you've secured the match, the first thing you have to do is send in ITA information to the MCVP iGT. This is used to submit to the government and secure your intern an invitation to the pool.

ITA information is sent in to IEC every Wednesday morning. Your intern can expect their invitation the following Wednesday.

step 2: ep receives ita and ro letter

By the following Wednesday your intern should have received their invitation and the RO Letter (from the MCVP iGT). Once they receive the ITA they have 20 days to submit their application. The documents they are required vary depending on the country, but you can find a full list in the guide they receive when they are matched on Salesforce.

step 3: company fills in the employer portal

Before your intern completes their visa application, they will need the Company to finish their end of the portal. From this portal, they will receive the Offer of Employment Numbers (found in the Offer of Employment Queue) and the NOC number which the intern will submit as part of their application. The $230 paid to the government during this process is not covered by AIESEC Canada.

step 4: ep completes the application

After the EP submits the application, they will now wait for their work permit to be processed. Let them know they should keep an eye on any requests from the government through their portal. Every country has a slightly different processing time, so make sure you understand the visa processing for each country. IEC Partner countries will never exceed 8 weeks.

step 5: ep receives work permit

Once the EP has received their work permit they can book their flight ticket! Keep in mind, some countries require the EP send their passport to retrieve their work permit instead of upon entry.

Problems with your work permit application? Submit an enquiry or call an embassy in the EP's country.


Next up? Value Delivery.

Customer Flow for iGT

Welcome to the Customer Flow for Enablers! Where you can discover all you need to know about how we take an enabler from stranger to customer to brand advocate. 

Overall our mission in iGT is to create such great experiences that every Enabler and Youth that go through our program become promoters. We do this by automizing our Attraction and Consideration and investing resources and effort into Value Delivery and Brand Advocacy.

The graph below shows how we currently invest the most effort in Attraction and Consideration. Think about how long it takes us to raise a TN, how many times we have to reopen opportunities because we can't find the right person. And what happens after we match a TN? Our effort tends to drop off and stagnate and Value Deliver is forgotten completely and experiences become mediocre or even sub-par.

What we want however is the opposite. Because leadership is developed during the actual internship, we need to start investing for effort and resources into that half of the customer flow. How do we do that? By automizing and standardizing Attraction and Consideration so less manpower has to be invested in it.

Some strategies that help this:

  • B2B Marketing and Attraction for Company Opportunity Portal
  • 1-month Raise to Match Timeline
  • Entity Partner Model
  • Lead Nurturing for Enablers and Applicants

Want to know more about each part of the customer flow? Don't worry there's a guide for each!

Attraction Resources.

Find the Google Drive folder here.

Consideration Resources.

Find the Google Drive folder here.

Value Delivery Resources.

Find the Google Drive folder here.

Brand Advocacy Resources.

Find the Google Drive folder here.

Attraction for iGT

The first step in the Customer Flow for Enablers is attraction! This is where we try to take a stranger (a company who has never heard of AIESEC before) and make them a lead (a company that is interested in AIESEC and ready to sign a contract).

This part of the Customer Flow on a Local Level involves prospecting companies, attending networking events, making cold calls, and pretty much anything that help you book that first meeting. On a National Level, it involves B2B Marketing, COP Attraction, and attracting Global Partners.

Resources to help:

  1. Cold Call Cheat Sheet
  2. Defining the Buyer
  3. SPIN Selling
  4. iGT Marketing Packages

Consideration for iGT

This section of the Customer is all about signing the JQ and finding the right candidate! Remember that we have not delivered on our promise for our product until a candidate is found and accepted on EXPA, hence why Consideration ends at Accepted.

On a Local Level this step includes closing the deal at the meeting and signing the JQ, opening the opportunity on EXPA, and finding the right match. Overall the consideration stage can take anywhere from 1 to 4 months, so ensure you set the right expectations with the Enabler for a smooth process.

Resources for Closing:

  1. Raising TNs on Salesforce and EXPA
  2. Objection Handling
  3. Global Talent Forms (contracts)
  4. Sample CVs

Resources for Matching:

  1. Matching TNs on Salesforce and EXPA
  2. iGT 1-month Matching Timeline
  3. iGT LC2LC Partner Guide
  4. LC | Accounts Tracker (template)

Value Delivery for iGT

This section of the customer flow shifts from just focusing on enablers to focusing on both our customers. Here we focus on completing all 16 Exchange Standards alongside the sending entity.

On the Local Level this includes visa processing support, arrival pickup, IPS and LEAD, and accommodation, insurance, and basic living support. Overall, this is where the "magic" happens, and by magic we mean the core of our program: leadership.

The resources for Value Delivery are filtered by the following Standards related to the hosting entity. Click on the picture below for the link to the resources associated:

Brand Advocacy for iGT

The last section of the customer flow is all about making enablers so happy with their experience that they will promote us to their friends, take on more interns, and/or write us referrals and testimonials. The idea here is to get our Enabler from completed internship to promoter and re-sign.

On the Local Level, some of the activities you'll find under brand advocacy is making sure the internship is marked as completed on EXPA, that NPS is filled by the enabler and intern, and that you are attending regular servicing meetings. On a National Level, this includes showcasing our enablers and interns on our online platforms and creating events and opportunities for previous Opportunity Takers.

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