Are you a new iGT member?

Welcome to the iGT new member hub! Where you'll find everything you need to know to be the best (and most prepared) new member around. Make sure you reach out to your VP for more information.


step 1: Welcome to AIESEC

First start by educating yourself on the AIESEC way: the why, the how, and the what of the organization.


Step 2: Knowing the Customer Flow

In Incoming Global Talent, you are selling a product to enablers (companies). Take a look at the stages of the customer flow that those enablers should go through.


Step 3: prospecting companies

How do you find companies to contact?Learn about the types of enablers, use LinkedIn, job postings or Salesforce to find enablers who fit the right profile.

Step 4: Contacting companies

There are three key ways to contact a company: cold calling, cold walk-ins, networking, and emails/Linkedin. Your objective during this first contact is to book a meeting with them to present your product. 

step 5: Conducting a sales meeting

The sales meeting is where you get to present and sell your product. While companies rarely confirm the sale on the first meeting, you should still aim to close the sale. Your goal at every meeting is to raise a TN.

step 6: raising a tn

Once a company confirms that they are taking a TN, it is time to raise! The next few steps are mostly administrative at this point: the company fills out a Global Talent Form, then you will raise the TN on Salesforce, and create the opportunity on EXPA, and finally AIESEC Canada will invoice the company, who will pay the 1750$ fee before the raise is considered official.

step 7: matching a tn

Once the raise is complete, the matching process begins! In this stage, you will have to: screen candidates in order to present a selection of the best ones to the company, interview the best candidates, with and without the company, and match the TN on Salesforce, once the company has chosen the candidate they want.


step 8: visa process

After match, you must begin supporting your intern and company in completing the visa process.

step 9: realizing a tn

Now you're on to servicing your TN! Make sure you are aware of the 16 Exchange Standards and how to deliver them.

Step 10: Attend a conference!

Want to learn more? The following touch points are meant to enhance your sales skills and make you a top notch iGT member:

a. Local Sales Program / Basic Sales Program

b. Subregional, Regional or National Conference

- Subregional Conferences are in February

- Regional Conferences are in September or October

- National Conferences are in January and May.

c. National Sales Program / Advanced Sales Program

Ask your VP or LCP to learn more about the dates and registration of conferences and summits!


More questions? Reach out to your MCVP iGT at